How to make introductions

October 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

A couple of weeks ago, my brother sent me a link to a great new website called The Art of Manliness. If you actually know me, you should find it as no surprise that a website like that would appeal to me, because let’s face it, I can use all the help being manlier that I can get.

The site has tons of articles on a wide variety of topics from fashion to survival in the wilderness. But the article that I have found most useful so far has been a great read on how to make introductions.

Being in the middle of interview season at law school, I find myself in lots of social situations where I’m left “mingling” with people I don’t know — some of them of substantially higher stature than me. When I’m in a situation like this, I never know what to do.

But the Art of Manliness breaks down a series of situations you’re likely to find yourself in, and explains how to make the introductions less awkward, while giving you an opportunity to be more impressive in your social skills.

“The overarching principle when making introductions is deference and respect. You show chivalrous deference to women by introducing the man to the woman. You show respect for your elders by introducing the younger to the older.  And in a business setting, you show respect to higher-ups by introducing the person of lower rank to the person of higher position.”

Nothing earth-shattering, but a very good rule to live by, and something to think about in your 5 seconds of panic before the situation arises where you need to introduce the Dean of the Law School to your wife.

Read the rest of the article here.


What’s so fun about people watching?

October 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

What is it about people that has made “people watching” a normal activity? It doesn’t matter who the people are… Pretty people, ugly people, little people, people from New Jersey, people who are bigamists — we have shows to watch all of these people with the comfort of never having to interact with them.

And going in public is no different. One of my favorite things to do is go sit outside at Southpoint and watch people go by. And today at the Cleveland County Fair, I had some of the best people watching of my life.

But why? What is it about seeing someone who is “different” from me in whatever way I am focused on that makes me want to take secret pictures with my phone to send my friends? (And trust me, would be an instant classic that could rival People of Wal-Mart.)

Even though I enjoy it as much as most people, I am still not sure why we have this voyeuristic tendancy with people we don’t interact with.

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