My problem with social media.

September 5, 2010 § 2 Comments

I love the concept of social media. I love the concept of being connected to lots of people, most of whom I’ve never even met. I love having an audience of tens of people (saying hundreds would be disingenuous).

But in reality, I’m not good at social media. It takes time to be “good” at it, and I don’t have that extra time. It takes wit to be relevant, and I’m not that witty. It takes, well, being social, and I’m just not that social any more.

If I look at my social media use over the past year, it goes something like this: Twitter gets the most use, because of the ease of use (it is on my phone and takes the least amount of time); Facebook gets Twitter pushed to it, but that’s it — I can’t think of the last time that I did anything native to Facebook on Facebook, other than pushing my Twitter feed there; this blog gets sporadic use, but for the most part averages 3 people a day viewing it (yes, there’d be more if I wrote more, but I’d probably write more if I had more readers — social media’s “chicken or the egg” conundrum); I post occasionally on other people’s blogs, but never see much reciprocation (and that’s ok, because I’m not all that witty on those posts either); and I can’t remember the last time I posted anything on Google Buzz.

The straw that broke the camel’s back in my social media use happened today at lunch, when my wife and I both saw someone that we are “friends” with on Facebook and they didn’t recognize us, or if they did, they didn’t feel the need to speak — but we didn’t feel the need to speak either, which is my point. Facebook friendship is totally meaningless to me now — it’s become invitations to Mafias, Cake Factories and Farms, or an opportunity for people who already bother me to bother me even more.

So, I’m making some changes. First, goodbye Facebook. I’m pulling the plug on the Twitter/Facebook link, and short of someone specifically pointing something out that I need to see on Facebook, I can’t see myself ever returning.

Second, hello Tumblr. I’ve never really checked it out before today, but I like the format, and it’s a nice way to get some quick thoughts out (More like Twitter) without burning 30 minutes of sitting down and writing.

So if you want to keep following me, my new tumblr site is right here. If you use an RSS reader like Google Reader, the URL for my RSS feed is right here. If you’re reading this because you followed a link on Facebook, then you need to either check out the blog directly, or use the RSS feed, because I won’t be posting updates on Facebook anymore.

I will still be updating this blog for longer posts, but most of my stuff will be going through Tumblr for a while.



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