My day so far.

May 2, 2010 § 1 Comment

Exams start for me on Tuesday. Here’s what my Sunday before exams has looked like:

  • Crete woke me up before 7.
  • Crete cried because he couldn’t find his Mama.
  • We watched Bob the Builder and ate oatmeal while Mama went back to sleep.
  • Crete fell down and cried.
  • We watched Sesame Street.
  • Crete cried when it was time to change his diaper.
  • Crete had a weird looking bug bite on his chest.
  • Crete cried when it was time to pick his puzzles up off the floor.
  • The guy at Starbucks didn’t make Em’s mocha decaf, so I had to wait for him to make it twice.
  • Crete cried when a plate broke and scared him.
  • There was two-foot long dead snake on patio.
  • The dogs played with another piece of the dead snake somewhere else in the yard.
  • I found about a million slugs and earthworms on the patio.
  • I had a tick on my butt.

That’s quite the day. Now, for the fun part… studying!


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