Why my blog sucks

March 8, 2010 § 3 Comments

To be perfectly honest, I’m a little bugged that my blog hasn’t taken off more. Don’t get me wrong — I’m thankful for every single person who reads this blog (and the few of you who every once in a while comment). But, I had just hoped there would be more of you.

Finally, I had a realization over the last couple weeks, one that has helped explain a lot of things in my life, including law school, career paths, and why my blog sucks.

The realization? I’m not very creative  — at all.

Not to pat myself on my back too much, but I’m a good writer. But I realized this past week that all of my past and current successes as a writer have had one thing in common — I am spoon-fed the content, and I just need to piece it together the right way.

I high school and college classes, if I was given a topic to go research, I could put together a great paper with minimal effort. The bigger issue was making myself buckle down and go do the research or the reading required to get the information I would need to tell the reader what they wanted to hear.

Then there’s my dabblings in journalism. That’s a whole career that’s based off of being a good but uncreative writer. The whole thing revolves around “Hey Mr. Writer, go to this event, and then come back and write about it.” Sports journalism is even worse. No matter the event, you know you’re going to write about: the score, the person who scored the most/did the best, the big turning point in the game, etc. Passable sportswriting is practically a fill in the blank job. (Notice I said “passable,” not good. I have worked with some tremendous sportswriters, who are very gifted. I’ve just read enough on the other end of the spectrum too.)

But, put me in a situation where I have to come up with my own material, and I’m dead in the water. In high school, when we were going through a poetry unit in English class, all I could ever come up with was some pre-Emo “The girl I’m in love with doesn’t know I exist” self-indulgent, woe is me crap. (And I’m not naming names, because who knows — she might be one of the 25 people who reads this blog.) Other people would read their poetry about life, God, or some cold wintry day, and I’d be moved. I wasn’t even moved by the crap that I could come up with, and I wrote it.

That’s why my blog pretty much sucks. Unless life hands me some golden gem to write about, I’m pretty much tapped for content. And trust me, life with a two-year old gives you lots of golden gems, but you can only write so much about diapers and potty jokes before you become the “guy with the blog that’s just about his kids poops,” and no one wants to read that.

Don’t get me wrong — I can come up with something creative every once in a while. I’m good for a couple of good one-liners every time I play poker with the boys, or occasionally I’ll have something really witty or profound on Twitter. But those are the rare occasions, and rare occasions aren’t enough to sustain a blog (at least not daily, as my hopes had been.)

So, I’m ok with it now, and I can say it out loud — I am not creative. But, you read my stuff anyways. And I truly thank you for that.

As a reward, I’m going to point you to some creative (and truly funny) people that you should add to your daily reading (since I don’t blog daily, you can fit them in!)

In no particular order, check out these blogs:

I promise I’ll try to be more entertaining.


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§ 3 Responses to Why my blog sucks

  • sportswriting is practically a fill in the blank job.

    Ack! You’re klling me, Taft!

  • Lee Taft says:

    I said passable… and I really just meant when you’re covering a live event.

  • sarah says:

    I appreciate the honesty of this particular post. I’m about to start my own blog, and I’ve been putting it off because I’m actually afraid of realizing I’m not capable of being an original writer. My liberal arts college loved me; will the blogging world be bored to death? =] And I found this blog because of your comments about American healthcare; thanks for those thoughts.

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