Filling you in on the summer

August 27, 2009 § Leave a comment

So, it’s been a while since I’ve written a real post, and a lot has happened since then, so let me give  you my summer rewind.

1. First of all, I’m writing this post from my “new” Mac. It’s a “new” Mac in that it’s new to me. We bought it to from Em’s school when they sold off a bunch of their old laptops. It’s a iBook G4, and it’s about 4 years old.

I’m not totally sold on the Mac experience yet, but I will be using it for school. (What? School?)

2. I’m no longer working at Motricity. I got laid off in July. It’s all good though, because I am going to start law school in a couple more weeks. I will be attending Campbell Law School, which has just completed a move from Buies Creek to downtown Raleigh. (Which is nice.) Luckily, I know a few people who are going to Campbell with me, so I won’t be starting totally alone (Unless we all end up in different sections, which will probably happen with my luck, but, whatever.)

3. Since I got laid off, I wanted to do something worthwhile with my time between the end of the road at Motricity and when school starts up. So, I’ve been interning at the Durham County District Attorney’s office every day for the second half of the summer. Let me tell you, criminal law is no joke. These people (the attorneys, not the criminals) put in long hours, are severely overworked, and have to deal with the continual State budget crisis. I have always appreciated people who did work like this, but spending a summer working with them has given me an even greater appreciation for these folks and their thankless jobs.

4. I’ve become a reader again. Ok, this hasn’t really happened so much this summer, but it’s picked up for sure. When I knew/thought I would be going to law school this fall (an idea I started kicking around last year) I decided that I should get myself in the habit of reading more (apparently, doesn’t count as real reading.) So at the beginning of the year, I started going to the library more and getting books to read. Some of  the stuff has been fiction, but I’ve also read (and really enjoyed) a good deal of non-fiction too.

So far, I’ve read 12 books in 2009. Not a ton, but considerably more than I read in all of 2008. I’m on number 13 right now, and am actually pretty bummed that I’m going to have to put aside my recreational reading for a while at the same time as the new Dan Brown novel’s arrival.

4. Google is pretty much the coolest thing ever. Every day, I’m leaning on Google more and more for my basic ability to get through the day. I started earlier this summer with iGoogle, and I’ve moved on to Google Docs, which I will be using exclusively in law school. (Why pay for software when you can get the same functionality, not to mention easy access from any computer and almost instantaneous backup at the same time, when it’s all available online?)

5. My kid is freakin’ amazing. Crete’s language has picked up so much recently that it’s scary. The things he says (and know) are just frightening to me. He is already a better baseball player at 22 months than I ever was (but honestly, I set the bar pretty low.)

Here he is at my grandmother’s farm in Taft, Tennessee (that’s right. Taft, Tennessee.)


Ok, I think that fills you in on about everything that’s been going on. I’m going to go play a little Call of Duty 4 now, then go to bed. Another big day at the DA’s office tomorrow awaits me.



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