Music Monday Randomness

June 22, 2009 § Leave a comment

Going with the Twitter theme of introducting you to my music for Monday, here’s my 15 random songs from shuffling the iPod this morning:

1. Ice Cream, by Sarah McLachlan

2. These Thousand Hill, by Third Day

3. Birth Ritual, by Soundgarden

4. Epistrophy, by Thelonious Monk

5. The Old Apartment, by Barenaked Ladies

6. Live Those Songs, by Kenny Chesney

7. Tomorrow Never Knows, by The Beatles

8. She’s Electric, by Oasis

9. Somebody, by Aerosmith

10. Digging a Ditch, by Dave Matthews Band

11. Candy Everybody Wants, by 10,000 Maniacs

12. Shelter from the Storm, by Bob Dylan

13. The Dreaming Tree, by Dave Matthews Band

14. While We Wait, by Jack Johnson

15. Rejoice, by U2

Anything you listened to today that I should check out?



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