Five jobs worse than mine

May 26, 2009 § 2 Comments

Everyone likes to complain about their job, and I’m no different I suppose. Don’t get me wrong — I don’t have a bad job. It’s not physically challenging, I don’t work in a bad environment. I don’t have a boss who is a jerk, and for the most part, my coworkers are pretty great. But still, I like to complain.

But today, I was reminded of the fact that there are people out there who have much worse jobs than me. I was reminded of this as I was laying in the chair at the dentist having a woman scrape plaque off my teeth. (Not a lot mind, you… just a tiny eensie weensie bit of plaque… just enough to make her earn her money). Seriously… how gross is that?

So that got me thinking on my way back in to work about “good” jobs that really suck. (It’s odd that we think of them as “good” jobs simply because they pay well, and don’t consider the humiliation or the consequences around that job as part of the assessment.) So, here’s my list of 5 jobs that are significantly worse than mine.

1. Dental Hygienists: You clean other people’s teeth. I can’t think of much worse than having my hands in other people’s mouths all day, taking your little pointy torture instrument and scraping off last night’s (or worse, last month’s) roast beef from someone’s back teeth. (If you don’t think that the number of times you get poked with the hook is directly related to how disgusting your mouth is, you are a fool.)

And let’s not forget the unbelievable humiliation due to the relationship of hygienist and dentist. “Hi, I’m the Dentist. My name is on the door, I make three times your salary, and I’m in the room for 45 seconds at the end of the visit. I can’t be troubled with teeth that haven’t been cleaned already, so can you scrape all that crap away before I have to look in their mouth? Thanks.”

2. Dermatologists: What’s worse than someone’s mouth funk? How about their acne. Or weird moles. Or weird hairy moles. Or rashes (in bad places.) Or bad acne under early puberty beards. Just disgusting.

3. Proctologists: Other than cool license plates (Seinfeld reference!) there’s nothing good about this job. At all.

4. The guy who changes out the cartridges in our waterfree urinals at work: Look, I’m all for being green and helping save the environment. We have waterless urinals (Google them if you don’t believe me) at work, and they have a cartridge that has to be changed out about once a month. Can you think of much worse than your daily job being driving around from office to office, and going in and collecting a months worth of urine stench in these little cartridges?

5. Daycare workers: I have a kid, and my kid has dirty diapers. I have seen and smelled things that could peel the paint off the wall. I gladly deal with it because it’s my kid — that’s the way it works.

This weekend, I had to keep nursery at our church. I had to change other people’s kids’ dirty diapers. I do this because it’s a way to serve at the church, as a thanks for the other people who keep our kid in the nursery.

But think about the people who work at day care all day, and change other people’s kids’ dirty diapers all day, every day. And unlike parenthood, where your kid grows up, these people just move the growing up kids to the next classroom, and welcome in another crop of poopers. It’s like the diaper chain that never ends.

I know there are other bad jobs out there… what am I overlooking?


§ 2 Responses to Five jobs worse than mine

  • saunders says:

    i will never understand how someone could want to be a dental hygienist. its impossible to have a good day. and yet, they always seem to be happy, pretty, young ladies. they’re the main reason i go to the dentist. i wonder how much dental school costs…

  • Tyler says:

    Toll booth workers – What is going on in a person’s life that would make them take the time to apply for that job? What qualifications are they looking for?

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