What a great day!

May 18, 2009 § Leave a comment

Em had a lot of end of year reports to do for work today, so Crete and I hung out together pretty much all day. We went to Target and got coffee at Starbucks (he likes to get a steamed milk and think that’s it’s coffee like mine), then we walked around and looked at toys. After Target, we did some grocery shopping at Harris Teeter (which he learned how to say today). Of course, his favorite part of the trip was the back to back to back samples of cheese, ham and a sugar cookie.

After coming home for lunch, Crete and I took a two and a half hour nap — holy crap did that feel good. When we woke up, we spent a few minutes hanging out with Mommy and then headed out to the mall. Crete hung out in his stroller as we went all over the place — Panera for some pumpkin muffies, the fountain outside the movie theater, Baby Gap (he wasn’t down with the fedora I wanted to buy him).

The highlight of the day was any time that we were driving around, Crete was singing along with his Sesame Street CD. It’s so awesome now for him to be in the back seat saying “C cookie… C cookie, C cookie… Ohhhh!”

What was crazy was at the end of the day, when Em thanked me for taking him so long today so she could get her work done… I felt like I should have been thanking her! Crete and I had such a good day — no meltdowns, no fits, no tears. We just had a perfect time together.


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