Nothing is better than game seven.

April 28, 2009 § 1 Comment

Game seven in the NHL’s Eastern Conference Quarterfinals is tonight, with the Carolina Hurricanes taking on the New Jersey Devils in Newark tonight at 7:30. I am so incredibly bothered by the fact that I can’t be there… which is odd, because I’ve never wanted to be in New Jersey before.

I’ve been to two other Game Sevens, and I have to say that without a doubt, they are the most exciting thing I’ve ever experienced in sports. (I’ve been to North Carolina v. Duke basketball games that were No. 1 in the country versus No. 2, and that still wasn’t as big as either Game Seven.) The tension is unbelievable, the noise is unreal, the stakes are incredibly high — win and move on, lose and go home for the summer with a bitter taste in your mouth.

The best, and worst, part of the final game of the series is the post-game handshake line between the two teams. For the winner, nothing is more thrilling than going through and shaking hands with the team you just beat, knowing that you will be playing in the next round. For the loser, nothing is more humbling than having to go through a line and shake hands, admitting your inferiority to the team that just beat you.


Here’s hoping the Hurricanes are on the right side of tonight’s handshake line.


§ One Response to Nothing is better than game seven.

  • J. Forrest says:

    Taft, no way. Stanley Cup Finals Game 7 was perhaps as exciting as Dook-UNC, but nothing else is close. Come on man.

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