My life in music

April 13, 2009 § 4 Comments

I saw this idea somewhere recently, and it seemed like a cool idea for me to steal, seeing how much I like music.

So, here is a quick rundown of all the music I remember being around in my life (with commentary).

Early years:

denver2 sesame1 dixie2 johnschneider_nowornever1

My absolute earliest music memory involves a John Denver 8-track my folks had. (That’s right, 8-track.) After that, I have some pretty vivid memories of Sesame Street 45s, Ricky Skaggs, Alabama, and an album by John Schnieder (which confused me, because I didn’t know why Bo Duke had someone else’s name next to his picture.)

Early Grade School:

stevie-wonder-i-just-call-to-say-i-love-you3 usa4af3 thriller2_43042

Ah, the early years, when I was shocked to find out that Stevie Wonder wasn’t just so cool he wore sunglasses all the time, I learned where Ethiopia was, and I failed miserably at learning how to moonwalk. (I still remember Tommy Redding being the king of the moonwalk in 2nd grade… helmet hair and all.)

Late grade school/middle school:

licensed_to_ill bon-jovi-new-jersey-253301 poison1 guns-n-roses-appetite-for-destruction

Hair metal, how I loved you. I could not get enough of this stuff. The big hair, the skanky girls in the videos, hiding the “Explicit Lyrics” sticker on the front of Appetite for Destruction. I will never forget my mom’s reaction when she finally paid attention to some of the lyrics from The Beastie Boys. (Sadly, this was as much of a bad boy as I got.)

High School:

singles reality-bites nirvana-nevermind-front use ropin

rem u2-achtung-baby remember pearl-jam-ten-rock-band-ps3

Now we’re getting into some seriously good tunes. Three of the best albums of the 90s came out my freshman year of high school (REM’s Out of Time, Pearl Jam’s Ten, and Nevermind by Nirvana.) U2’s Achtung Baby was in the following year, and by that time, the grunge movement was in full swing. Two soundtracks to the best representative Gen-X moves, Singles and Reality Bites brought fringe musicians to the forefront of MTV(remember how out of nowhere Lisa Loeb was?). Garth Brooks made country much more mainstream.

It was also around this time (Spring semester of my senior year of high school) that I discovered my all-time favorite band, Dave Matthews Band.


crash1 morning-glory2 sevens_b000002ulq 40acres

Dave Mattews Band continued their non-stop touring (I saw them 5 times between high school graduation and college graduation), but put out 2 great albums while I was in college. Oasis led a new British invasion, and Garth Brooks furthered his assault on the airwaves. I also heard a group called Caedmon’s Call, whose music challenged me on an almost daily basis.

Life after college:

amosuse continuumuse ringinguse 447use

By this point in life, my musical genres are pretty much set, so it’s just a matter of finding new artists who fit the mold of what I already like. That’s where Amos Lee and John Mayer have fallen. For the first time in my life, I find myself listening to two guys who are roughly the same age, and are writing their music from a lot of the same places I find myself (Mayer’s cheesy earlier stuff is an obvious exception to this.) Derek Webb left Caedmon’s Call and has left his own impression on my musical tastes, with lyrics that challenge what I think my life should look like. Oh, and I’ve seen Dave Matthews Band about 15 more times.


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