Why would you do that?

March 18, 2009 § Leave a comment

I was in Starbucks last week, and I ordered my ususal drink. The barrista (I know, using the term “barrista” immediately makes you sound like a snob, but it sounds better than “chick behind the counter”) asked me if I wanted an extra shot of espresso in my mocha. I said I would, but then looked around and tried to figure out why she had an extra shot of espresso. There was no one behind me in line, and the last couple people in front of me had just gotten regular coffee, so this wasn’t a “leftover.”

I guess the barrista saw my puzzled look, so she began to explain to me that the Starbucks espresso maker will not make a single shot of espresso, but only makes double and triple shots.

For some reason, this really bothered me. Why would you make a machine that purposefully makes the thing you are trying to sell in excess? It just seems like the standard American wasteful-capitalist mentality… make more than we need and throw the rest away! We have so much money, we don’t even care!

On the other hand, I learned that I can usually make my single mocha a double for free. So… yay capitalism.


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