Best candy ever

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sour-patch-kids_lrgI will not argue this.


My new rule to live by

March 26, 2009 § 1 Comment

I don’t know if anyone is reading this blog, but I feel the need to try and bring some enlightenment to whoever finds their way here. As a result, I’m starting a new category of posts that I will try to keep up from time to time. So, welcome to my first of what I hope will be many Rules to Live By. Some will be rules I’m trying to get myself to live by, others will be rules I wish other people would live by.

Don’t pay for what you can get for free.

I’m normally not a super frugal guy. I try to save money when I can, I try to use coupons when I remember them, but I don’t cringe in horror when the wife (or I) want to splurge on something nice for ourselves (or the little man.)

But recently I’ve found myself doing something that looks really dumb when you step back and look at it — I tend to pay for things I can get for free.

The biggest area where I see this is my addiction to Starbucks. I love Starbucks. I mean, I love it. I wake up in the morning craving a peppermint mocha twist. (Shut up… it’s a manly drink.) I love Pike’s Place roast. I love the Breakfast Blend. I love it all. (Except the food — Starbucks, if you’re out there, your food is horrible. It’s the truth, and you know it.)

The thing is though, Starbucks costs money. I’m frugal enough that I don’t go to Starbucks every day. I only go one or two times during the week, and maybe once on weekends. I realize that buying a peppermint mocha twist every time I go to Starbucks is outrageously expensive, so I mix in the Pike’s Place roast on my other trips. (To be fair, I do save 10 cents off of almost every cup of coffee, because my Starbucks has a daily trivia question. And if I don’t know it, my Blackberry has Google search capabilities while I’m waiting in line.)

But the problem is, I have free (and unlimited) coffee at work. Is it as good as Starbucks? Nope. As much as I like Starbucks, I’m not a coffee snob, but it’s clear that the work coffee is inferior to Starbucks’ coffee. But the thing is, it is free. It has just as much caffeine as Starbucks, which means I can get the same end result (becoming less sleepy) for free.

So that’s it. The practical application is I’m quitting during the week Starbucks trips. I’m going to allow the weekend trips to remain in the “splurge” category for right now.

Any examples of things you pay for instead of getting for free? Let me know.

Big night at the RBC Center

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All of the headlines around the NHL media today are talking about the two hottest teams in the league colliding at the RBC Center tonight, as the Senators and Hurricanes face off. Carolina is putting their 8-game home win streak on the line, while the Sens are trying to cling to their faint (but impressive) playoff hopes.

I just have to say that I am most excited about meaningful hockey being played in March (almost April) at the RBC Center again… 2006 seems like an eternity ago, and both the fans and the team need the enthusiasm (and cash) that come with a hopefully long playoff run.

Great minds think alike… so do my brother and I

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Turns out, within a few days of each other, my brother and I both got inspired to start blogging. (He’s linked now over on the right).

My brother and I rarely think the same about things, so it’s pretty cool that we were in tune on this. Us being on the same page like that makes me feel like we are the internet version of these guys.


This guy cracks me up

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I saw this video today of John Mayer doing impressions. It’s high quality, and is just one of the reasons that I dig just about everything this guy does.


What a crazy week.

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I hit up Twitter the other night with a note about not remembering what my family looked like. Wednesday night hockey, Thursday night Church without the family, Friday night hockey, Saturday morning law school “admitted students day” followed by soccer and then more hockey. Whew… I feel like I haven’t had a chance to breathe, and I’m left at the end of the week missing my family, without really having been away.

Luckily, the Hurricanes only have one home game next week (Yay, women’s NCAA tournament at the RBC) so I can catch up on some quality time with the family.

I’m fully embracing the mobile information

March 18, 2009 § Leave a comment

It’s been a big week. Got the blog up, started (really) using Twitter with Facebook, and even got Twitterberry so I don’t get hit with the SMS charges. Now all I need is something to tell people about, then I will be in business.

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